We exist to make a difference in businesses.
We work with a long term and engaged mindset together with entrepreneurs, management, board of directors and other owners to accomplish the company's goal.


Business principles


We invest in entrepreneurs who have a clear passion for their company and show integrity, stamina and a strong drive.


We invest in business ideas and business models we understand and believe in.


We invest in businesses that are sustainable over time.


We look at the businesses' potential to create value and do not limit ourselves to a specific industry.


We invest our own money.


We have a long term perspective with no predefined exit strategy.


We apply both active and passive ownership.


For us it’s important the entrepreneurs have a considerable ownership and engagement.

What we stand for


We have the courage to make bold decisions to succeed, challenge ourselves, ask questions and let people know what we think. We are open minded and active listeners that trust in those who are most knowledgeable.


We take responsibility towards each other, Berno Invest, our partners, their customers and society. We keep our promises, care and act. In a respectful manner.


We have open and transparent dialogue with each other and our partners.


We are a newly founded, family-owned investment firm managed by a mix of young and experienced people with a wide business network.

Sara Lindell


M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering International. Background as management consultant, Head of Business Development and CCO. Expertise areas are strategy, Customer Experience and Customer Journey, sales, business development, organisation and culture, and process management.

Jacob Lindell

Investment manager

Bachelor's degree in Economics. Background as a deputy CEO, Head of Sales, Compliance Officer and financial advisor. Areas of expertise are business strategy, organisation and culture, management, project management, financial regulations such as AML, IDD, LVB, KKRL etc

Hanna Lindell

Investment manager

Bachelor of Business Administration and Strategic Management with extensive experience from high growth global companies in the computer games industry and financial technologies. Deep understanding of e-commerce & complex payment ecosystems, sales channel strategy, client growth, sales lead enablement and streamlining commercial operations.

Peter Lindell

Chairman of the board

MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping Institute of Technology. Peter is a Swedish executive and private investor, and has successfully built and exited many IT and technology companies through both industrial trade sales and IPOs. Peter is currently serving as a Partner & Chairman of the Board for Rite Ventures.